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What Fits...
We use Ford Transit SWB Low Roof Vans.  The load space is surprisingly generous for a light van and economic to zip around town.  As a guide we can carry anything up to forty small to medium scaled 2D works and have been booked by artists delivering both group and solo shows.  We can also transport larger single 2D artworks at a diagonal load to an approximate maximum work scale: Length 2m x Width 1.5m x Depth 5cm

Load Space Dimensions: Length 2.4 x width 1.5 x Height 1.4m
Maximum Loadable Work Scale (2D Diagonal Loading): Length 2 x Width 1.5m
Maximum Payload: 800kg


All our vehicles have been professionally fitted out to carry fragile items.  They have rubberised non slip flooring with securing anchor points, polypropylene clad protective walls, adjustable side anchor rails and a comfy supply of mixed fibre blankets, soft webbing fastening and straps.  If you require any further specialist equipment drop us a line and we will see what we can do.
Hand drawn cartoon of art transporters van ready to load a large sculpture with refeence to Duchamp’s Fountain
Playful pen drawing of a large complicated sculpture referencing Tatlin’s Tower waiting to be transported
Protective Packaging / Soft Wrapping
Please ensure all works are prepared for travel appropriately using protective packaging.  The 'Stiffy Bag' or 'Art Pak' bag is a great way to soft wrap 2D work and are economically re-usable.  Cardboard & bubble wrap are also cheap alternatives, remember to protect frame corners using extra padding, card/plastic cornering or picture framers blue PE foam especially if using soft wood frames or aluminum mounts.
Small sculptural items are best placed into strong cardboard boxes or open trays with supporting foam or filler.  If your artworks are particularly fragile it may be advisable to have them crated though this is only generally required for overseas shipping and will add a lot more weight to your packed items.  Here are some suggested shipping companies that also offer bespoke crating for your artwork
However you decide to protect your work it is always advisable to allow us to see them first so that we can understand the nature of your artworks and how best to handle them, sending us some pictures (particularly if sculptural) is a great help.  The most valuable advice in the handling of your artwork will always come from you the maker! so please do give us as much information as possible.

While every care is taken transporting your artwork  we cannot be responsible for items becoming marked or damaged due to improper packaging, Please take care to prepare your items ready for travel.

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