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Your privacy is important to us, we will never disclose your personal details other than to complete the work that you have entrusted us.




All quoted prices including flat rate fees are guide pricing only and may be subject to change.  While it is not our standard working practice to make adjustments, we reserve the right to make changes or additional charges under certain unforeseen circumstances, that which has not being taken into account or made aware of at time of booking and which subsequently has been found to effect the progress of contracted services.


These circumstances may include but are not limited to:-


(a) Fees for parking or other types of charges so as to be able to carry out services on your behalf.


(b) Items collected or delivered at your request in areas poorly accessible such as upper floors or storage units.


(c) Inadequate access for the safe movement/decantation of items to within a circumference of 20 metres from vehicle or property entrance


(d) Additional services other than those initially required, including the packing and un-packing of works or storage of items.


(e) Services taking place outside of our normal working hours (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm) on weekends or public holiday.


Deliveries made outside of normal working hours must be confirmed during working hours (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm), enquiries received at any other time will be acknowledged or confirmed on the subsequent working business day.


All payments to be made electronically & received in full at time of booking unless otherwise pre-arranged


All deposit payments (where agreed) to equal 50% of delivery charge payable in advance and at time of booking.


All balancing payments (where agreed) due promptly on work completion and receipt of goods.




All payments to be made electronically & cleared prior to commencement of travel, we reserve the right to withhold goods or services for any payment un-made prior to journey commencement.


We do not carry prohibited or stolen goods, drugs, hazardous chemicals, potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items including gas cylinder bottles, firearms and ammunition. We reserve the right to refuse any load we deem unsafe or unsuitable for our transport.


We will not be responsible for damage to or loss of property after work is complete and payment received. All items must be checked upon receipt or as soon as practically possible and within reasonable time scales.


Should we be unable to make delivery and through no fault of our own, items will be taken into store, the agreement then being fulfilled with any additional service(s) including storage and re-delivery charged at the clients expense.

We will not be responsible for any client losses due to noticeable delays or events outside of our reasonable control which increase or extend the amount of resources or time permitted for us to undertake the work agreed.  We do not offer any refunds for lateness.


All services are contracted with full Road Traffic Act insurance, courier liability, technician handling (including art held in trust) & public liability insurance.

All items* insured as standard to a collective payload of £25,000 or £2500 per item,

All Items* handled / stored / held in trust (whilst not in transit) insured to £25,000 per item

Any other insurances required or pre-arranged to be charged at clients expense


Client Responsibility


It is the clients sole responsibility to:-


(a) Arrange adequate insurance cover for any items exceeding our insured value submitted for removal, transit and/or storage, against all insurable risks


(b) Ensure all items are packaged appropriately for travel and protected against movement using good quality materials. We do not accept responsibility for damage or breakage due to inadequate protection.


(c) Obtain at clients own expense, all documents, permits including parking or visitor permits or vouchers or relevant change for parking meters, permissions, licenses, customs documents and any other documentation necessary for item removal to be completed. This includes reserving a suitable parking place/suspension bay within close proximity for vehicle access.  We reserve the right to make additional charges for any delays due to improper planning, venue related issues or items unready for transport.


(d) Be present or represented during collection/delivery unless otherwise pre-arranged. We will not be responsible for any items if location or premises are left unattended or insecure.


(e) Take all reasonable steps to ensure nothing that should be removed is left behind and nothing is taken away in error.


(f) Arrange proper protection for any items left in unoccupied or unattended premises, or where other people such as (but not limited to) tenants or contractors are, or will be present.


*Exclusions of liability

Current exclusions include but are not limited to digital equipment, hazardous chemicals, precious metals & theft attractive goods.


We will not be liable for any loss, damage, or failure to produce goods if subject to any of the following circumstances:-


(a) War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war is declared or not), civil war, terrorism, rebellion and/or military coup, act of god, fire, flood, tempest or other adverse weather conditions, industrial action or other such events outside of our reasonable control.


(b) Loss or damage arising from chemical, biological, bio-chemical, radioactive, electromagnetic activity and/or weapons and cyber attack.


(c) Perishable items and/or those requiring a controlled environment.

Insurance policies available on request, please email for full list of cover & exclusions.



By agreeing to undertake your delivery we incur costs in preparation and lose the opportunity to undertake further work that would otherwise use the same resources, in light of this we may suffer loss if you cancel the contract or postpone its performance, therefore clients are permitted to make changes or cancellations to their booked journeys prior to the day of booking only and with as much advanced notice as possible.  We will charge a fee for all other amendments and 50% quoted delivery price for all cancellations occurring within 24hrs of the booked event.


We reserve the right to change or cancel any booking at anytime and will always strive to provide adequate notice and alternative provisions.



Claims Procedure


We will accept liability for loss or damage:-


In circumstances arising from our own negligence of care and whilst items are within physical possession only (during transit). Any items transported at a clients request in a manner against our professional advice will not be covered.


In the unlikely event your items become lost or damaged and you wish to make a claim please notify us in writing and send together with all supporting documentation including valuation, ownership details and supporting photographic evidence.

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